About Us

COMPANY IN ACTION… HBF NETWORKS was founded in 2002 to network clients to their enterprise systems. As a leading internetworking firm, our systems engineers and IT professionals designed and supported complex enterprise-wide networks and trained clients how to become self-sufficient. Now HBFITES, our instructors bring their real-world experience to the classroom to share with you what has been learned in the field over the years. Let us help you stay up to date in the latest technologies by imparting hands-on learning in the classroom — both physical and virtual — or through our content rich self-paced courses. Whether you choose to attend a class or study on your own, you’ll always have someone to guide you and work with you to help you attain your individual or corporate goals. At HBFITES, we are internetworking experts. Our mission is to provide that knowledge with you “ Your success is our success ” — HBFITES team OUR RESOURCES Whether you or your company is seeking Cisco Career Certifications or education in a variety of areas such as Security and IP Telephony, learn from the best. We invite you to see why our instruction is consistently rated above the industry average. ADVANCED TRAING SOLUTIONS HBFITES is a one-stop resource for all your internetworking knowledge needs. Our comprehensive product portfolio is an array of diverse training topics in all areas of established and emerging internetworking technologies, and our unique method of training delivery, geared towards accelerated learning, presents an economical alternative to competitors’ offerings, making technology training accessible to everyone. Whatever your training needs, you will find the answer by choosing from a multitude of our products and services.