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Hbfites, gives you options and guidance, and develops a flexible training plan that addresses your specific training needs. we specialize in tailoring courses and curricula to suit your company’s circumstances, goals, and requirements as well as participants’ prior knowledge and skills.
Classes can focus on special subjects that are critical to your company or incorporate examples that are specifically related to your industry.
Be it a standard course, specialized technical training, or a workshop designed for your company, our experts can conduct every type of training session on-site at your company’s premise.
HBF also provides materials and training scenarios to fit the needs of all call agents, managers, and IT professionals who will be working with your Genesys environment.

 Additionally, our post-training support will ensure that your training level is rock solid and your internal training capabilities are self-sufficient.o.

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Please note that we are not affiliated with Genesys (www.genesys.com) or Genesys University in any way implied or otherwise. Also, there is no confusion who owns the trademark Genesys in reference to telecommunications, Genesys is a trademark owned by Genesys Telecommunications (www.genesys.com). 

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