XtremIO Management

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Course Details

In this course, you will learn how to manage, monitor, and tune the performance of an XtremIO storage array. Managing the system with the XtremIO Management Server (XMS), provisioning storage to heterogeneous hosts, and configuring XtremIO features are covered in detail. Management with both the GUI and CLI is discussed. This course also covers XtremIO performance analysis, potential bottlenecks, performance monitoring tools and techniques, as well as practices to tune performance.

Course Prerequisites

  • XtremIO foundational knowledge
  • Connectivity protocols knowledge including IP, FC, and iSCSI
  • Basic understanding of Windows, UNIX, and other operating systems
  • Virtualized data center concepts
  • FC and iSCSI SANs
  • Storage network troubleshooting and performance concepts

Course Agenda

1. Site Preparation and Hardware

  • Site Preparation and Requirements
  • XtremIO Rack and Cable

2. XtremIO Install and Configuration

  • Storage Controller Configuration
  • XMS Install and Configuration
  • XMS Post Installation Verification

3. XtremIO Host Configuration

  • MS Windows Host Configuration
  • Linux Host Configuration
  • Solaris Host Configuration
  • AIX Host Configuration
  • VMware ESXi Host Configuration

4. Storage Management and Provisioning

  • XMS GUI and CLI Management
  • XMS User Management
  • XtremIO Volume Management

5. XtremIO Features

  • Data at Rest Encryption
  • XtremIO Snapshots

6. XtremIO Monitoring

  • Cluster Monitoring
  • Monitoring XtremIO Performance

7. XtremIO Troubleshooting and Upgrades

  • Troubleshooting Considerations
  • Field Replaceable Units (FRU)
  • Upgrades
  • Support Resources