Windows OS Fundamentals

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Course Details

In this entry-level course, you will build a basic understanding of the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the Microsoft Windows client. You’ll learn about the different Windows operating systems, upgrade paths, and how to set up users. You’ll also cover Windows applications the management of files and folders, and how to set up a file and print sharing environment.

This course assists you in preparation for Microsoft Technology Associate Exam 98-349.

Course Prerequisites

Understanding of IT and business environments

Course Agenda

1. Introducing, Installing, and Upgrading Windows

  • Windows Operating System Editions
  • Upgrade Paths
  • Application Compatibility
  • Product Identification Keys
  • Installation

2. Operating System Configurations

  • User Accounts and User Account Control (UAC)
  • Configuring Control Panel Options
  • Configuring Desktop Settings
  • Virtualized Clients
  • Application Virtualization

3. Native Applications, Tools, Mobility, and Remote Management and Assistance

  • Windows Internet Explorer
  • Accessory Programs
  • Using the Snipping Tool
  • Playing Back and Recording to Media
  • Sync Center
  • Using Windows Mobility Center
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Remote Management and Assistance

4. Managing Applications, Services, Folders, and Libraries

  • Installing and Managing Applications
  • Services
  • Using MSCONFIG (System Configuration Utilðity)
  • File Systems
  • Exploring and Managing Libraries
  • Encrypting and Compressing Files and Folders

5. Managing Devices

  • Storage
  • Printing Devices
  • System Devices

6. File and Print Sharing

  • File and Printer Sharing Basics
  • HomeGroup
  • Creating Public, Basic, and Advanced Shares
  • Mapping Drives
  • Permissions
  • Setting Up Printer Sharing
  • Troubleshooting Printers

7. Maintaining, Updating, and Protecting Windows 7

  • Exploring Built-In Maintenance Tools
  • Maintaining the Windows Registry
  • Updating the System
  • Defending Your System from Malicious Software

8. Backup and Recovery Methods

  • Local, Network, and Automated Backup Methods
  • Creating a System Image
  • Creating a Repair Disc
  • System Restore
  • Using System Restore
  • Recovery Boot Options