VMware vCenter Orchestrator: Develop Workflows [V5.1]

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Location: Bangalore, India | Dubai, UAE

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Course Details

This hands-on training course explores the use of VMware© vCenter? Orchestrator? for automation of IT processes, both physical and virtual.

Course Prerequisites

  • Knowledge of VMware vSphere
  • Ability to script or program in JavaScript, Powershell, Perl, Java, Python, or similar languages

Course Agenda

1. Course Introduction

  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course goals and objectives

2. VMware vCenter Orchestrator Overview

  • Role of Orchestrator in the vSphere architecture
  • Orchestrator use-cases

3. vCenter Orchestrator Setup

  • Deployment strategies for vCenter Orchestrator
  • Using VMware vCenter Orchestrator Appliance

4. Using the Orchestrator Client

  • Orchestrator content elements
  • Scheduling workflows
  • Browsing inventory objects

5. Development Concepts

  • Using the workflow editor for GUI
  • Workflow schema elements
  • Information flow in workflows
  • Parameter binding
  • vCenter inventory structure

6. Basics of Workflow Development

  • Workflow design and development methodology
  • Configuration and resource elements
  • Types of workflows
  • Boxing library workflows
  • Creating loops within workflows

7. VMware vSphere API from an Orchestrator Perspective

  • vSphere automation tools overview
  • vSphere API developer tools (Manages Object Browser, Onyx, and others)
  • Access vSphere API in Orchestrator workflows

8. Integrating Orchestrator

  • Orchestrator integration strategies
  • Interacting with external systems
  • Using vCenter Orchestrator plug-ins
  • Orchestrator integration in vSphere Web Client

9. Developing Workflows

  • Documentation and version control of workflows
  • Synchronizing workflows among Orchestrator servers
  • Exporting and packaging workflows

10. Summary

  • Resources and references
  • Orchestrator adoption planning
  • Next steps