Troubleshooting BIG-IP LTM

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Location: Bangalore, India | Dubai, UAE

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Course Details

This two-day course gives networking professionals hands-on knowledge of how to troubleshoot a BIG-IP LTM system using a number of troubleshooting techniques and troubleshooting and system tools. This course includes lectures, labs, and discussions.

Course Prerequisites

Students must complete one of the following:

  • Administering BIG-IP v11 Instructor-led course
  • BIG-IP Administrator certification

Students should understand:

  • Common network terminology
  • TCP/IP addressing and routing
  • Internetworking concepts
  • Common elements of WAN and LAN environments

In addition, students should be proficient in:

  • Basic PC operation and application skills, including MS Windows
  • Basic Web browser operation (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are used in this class)

Course Agenda

Topics covered in this course include:
  • Configuration Project
  • Troubleshooting Methodology
  • F5 Support
  • BIG-IP Product Architecture
  • Troubleshooting – Bottom to Top
  • Troubleshooting Tools
  • Using System Logs

Throughout this course you will have access to a BIG-IP that uses a typical Internal-External VLAN architecture with a pool of servers (HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, FTP, etc) along with web application servers. In the lab for this module, you will license the BIG-IP, set up the Internal and External VLANs, and create the Pools and Virtual Servers that you will use as part of your troubleshooting exercises.