TEPF v2.0 – Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Foundation

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Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Foundation - TEPF v2.0


The Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Foundation version 2.0 instructor-led remote delivery course will provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to configure and maintain Cisco TelePresence endpoints running either TC v6.2 or TX v6.0 software.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Operate the web interface for Cisco Jabber Video, Cisco MXP, and Cisco TC software based endpoints
  • Configure a Cisco TelePresence TC software-based endpoint with H.323 and SIP for registration to a Cisco VCS
  • Add Cisco TelePresence TC and TX software-based endpoints to Cisco Unified CM
  • Upgrade and back up Cisco TelePresence TC and TX software from Cisco Unified CM and manully where appropriate


The knowledge and skills that a learner must have before attending this course are as follows:

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for engineers responsible for installing and configuring Cisco TelePresence endpoints. The primary audience for this course includes:

  • Customer support staff and first-level helpdesk support
  • Partner technical professionals


Module 1: Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Operation

  • Operate endpoints using a web browser
  • Describe Cisco TelePresence multiple-site conferencing

Module 2: Endpoint Configuration and Maintenance

  • Configure Cisco TC software-based endpoints
  • Provision Cisco endpoints for Cisco Unified CM
  • Maintain TC and TX software-based endpoints

Module 3: Endpoint Troubleshooting

  • View call and registration details with the Cisco VCS
  • Troubleshoot Cisco TC software-based codecs
  • Collect logs from Cisco endpoints

Lab Outline

Lab 1: Endpoint operation
Lab 2: TC software-based endpoint configuration
Lab 3: Unified CM with TC software-based configuration
Lab 4: TC software-based endpoint application interface
Lab 5: TC software-based endpoint root access and backup
Lab 6: Cisco VCS status menu
Lab 7: Troubleshooting
Lab 8: Endpoint logs