Blue Coat Certified Proxy Administrator (BCCPA)

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Blue Coat Certified Proxy Administrator (BCCPA) Training

Course Details

Master the fundamentals of the Blue Coat ProxySG product!

The Blue Coat Certified Proxy Administrator (BCCPA) Course is intended for students who wish to master the fundamentals of Blue Coat products. This course is a revised version of the course formerly known as Proxy Fundamentals. You should not take the BCCPA course, if you have already taken the Proxy Fundamentals Course. Instead, you should take the BCCPA Upgrade course, which covers new material not included in the Proxy Fundamentals class.

Moreover The Blue Coat Certified Proxy Administrator (BCCPA) Training Course covers Blue Coat SG and Firewalls, Blue Coat SG Deployment, Blue Coat SG Initial Setup, Blue Coat SG Graphical user interface (GUI), Services, Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), HTTP Compression, Authentication Introduction, Authentication Realms, Policy Management, Content Filtering, Managing Downloads, Managing Instant Messaging, Managing Peer-to-Peer Traffic, Notify User Policy, Access Logging, Introduction to Reporter, Blue Coat AV, and Support. Upon completing this course and passing an online exam, students will become Blue Coat Certified Proxy Administrators.

Course Agenda

Day 1

  • Understanding Proxy Servers
  • Blue Coat Product Family
  • WAN Optimization Features
  • SG Deployment
  • Licensing & Upgrading the SG
  • SG Initial Setup
  • SG Management Console
  • Policy Management
  • Services
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  • Authentication Introduction

Day 2

  • Authentication Realms
  • Content Filtering
  • Instant Messaging Filtering
  • Creating Notifications & Exceptions
  • Access Logging
  • Introduction to Blue Coat Reporter
  • Blue Coat Reporter Installation
  • Blue Coat Reporter Graphical User Interface
  • Introduction to ProxyAV
  • ICAP Fundamentals
  • Service & Support