Symmetrix Mainframe Business Continuity Management

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Location: Bangalore, India | Dubai, UAE

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Course Details

Get hands-on experience using EMC’s Local Replication tools in a z/OSenvironment in this specialization-level course. You will gain thoroughknowledge of TimeFinder/Mirror Base, TimeFinder/Mirror Mainframe Snap Facility,TimeFinder/Mirror Utility, and business continuity considerations/practicalapplications. In addition, this course provides you with a thorough exposure toEMC’s Remote Replication solutions in a z/OS environment.

The course includes discussion and implementation labs regarding SRDF/S, SRDF/CG,SRDF/AR, and business continuity considerations/practical applications. You willview presentations and perform labs dealing with SRDF/A features such asTransmit Idle, Delta Set Extension, Write Pacing, and Automated Recovery, andyou will learn about cascaded SRDF and moving RDF devices between SRDF groups.You will also learn about newer features dealing with SRDF/EDP (ExtendedDistance Protection), Composite Command actions, CEXMPT, and using R22 devicesare also addressed.

Course Prerequisites

An understanding of:

  • z/OS operating environment; ability to utilize TSO, SDSF, and ISPF while performing online hands-on labs
  • Symmetrix architecture, concepts and theory of operations
  • TimeFinder architecture, concepts, and theory of operations
  • SRDF architecture, concepts, and theory of operations
  • ResourcePak Base for z/OS

Course Agenda

1. Introduction to Business Continuity
2. TimeFinder/Mirror
3. Introduction to TimeFinder Clone and Snap Capabilities
4. TimeFinder Clone Capabilities
5. TimeFinder Snap Capabilities
6. Common TimeFinder Clone and Snap Features
7. TimeFinder Utility
8. Introduction to Remote Replication Solutions
9. SRDF/S (Synchronous)
10. SRDF/CG (Consistency Groups)
11. SRDF/AR (Automated Replication)
12. SRDF/A (Asynchronous)
13. SRDF/A with MSC (Multi-Session Consistency)
14. Cascade and Concurrent SRDF
15. MOVEPAIR (Moving SRDF pairs)