Red Hat Enterprise Clustering and Storage Management

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Course Details

The intensive, hands-on Red Hat© Enterprise Clustering and Storage Management course covers storage management, theRed Hat High Availability Add-On, and the shared storage technology delivered by Red Hat Global File System 2 (GFS2) andRed Hat Storage Server.

You’ll learn how to deploy and manage shared storage and server clusters that provide highly available network services to a mission-critical enterprise environment.


Certificate of Expertise Red Hat Storage Management and Clustering (EX436)
Note: Only current RHCEs can attempt EX436

Course Prerequisites

  • Completion of the RHCE or equivalent knowledge
  • Familiarity with Red Hat Enterprise Linux recommended

Course Agenda

1. Clusters and Storage
2. ISCSI Configuration
4. Multipathing
5. Red Hat High-Availability Overview
6. Quorum
7. Fencing
8. Resources and Resource Groups
9. Advanced Resource Management
10. Two-Node Cluster Issues
11. LVM Management
12. Global File System 2
13. XFS
14. Red Hat Storage
15. Comprehensive Review