Managing Unified Access Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure (WMUAPI)

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Location: Bangalore, India | Dubai, UAE

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The WMUAPI course establishes a strong foundation in managing the full range of Cisco wired and wireless infrastructure using Prime Infrastructure 2.0.

During this course you will also explore the Application Visibility and Control capabilities of Prime Infrastructure through monitoring and troubleshooting problems on the network. The course puts the user in the context of a realistic customer scenario, and covers every aspect of Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0’s Lifecycle management approach. You will create Sites, Maps, Deploy configurations, perform device discovery as well as learn to set alarms and troubleshoot network and application issues.


By the end of this course, you will have been taught information on the following:

    Describe the architecture, licensing, migration capabilities, assurance, compliance features, and setup of Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0.
    Identify the pre-deployment and design tasks in the design lifecycle phase.
    Describe how to deploy device configurations with Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
    Examine the different available templates and their capabilities and how to create configurations and deploy them using these templates.
    Describe roles of operations workforce and applicable features of Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
    Preform device discovery and configuration tasks.
    Explore the monitoring and management capabilities of Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
    Create monitoring templates, and perform health and performance monitoring.
    Use Prime Infrastructure to troubleshoot and perform problem isolation create and customize a wide range of reports using Prime Infrastructure 2.0


This course is intended for you if you are an IT engineer, administrator or manager that needs to know the fundamentals about planning, installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and maintaining Cisco infrastructures using Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0. This includes SEs, Field Engineers, technical support professionals, network managers, security team members, and administrators.


This 3-day classroom-based instructor-led training course provides you with the knowledge and skills to deploy, manage, and maintain a Cisco Prime Infrastructure solution. The course includes laboratory exercises for practical experience in deployment, management, and administration tasks.

To complete the course, you need:

  • Experience in wired and wireless network management
  • Experience with wired and wireless network management terminology

For best success, we recommend that you also have:

  • CCNA-Wireless and CCNA-Route / Switch level knowledge
  • Previous training in or experience with CiscoWorks, Network Control System (NCS) or Wireless Control System (WCS)

Module 1: Overview of Managing Unified Access with Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Cisco Prime Infrastructure Overview

    Key Features and Licensing
    Lifecycles Mapped to Organizational Roles
    Device Integration and Management

Cisco Prime Infrastructure Setup

    Technical Requirements
    Deployment Options
    VMware Deployment Steps Using OVA
    Troubleshooting Install
    Auto Deploy

Initial System Administration Tasks in Administer Lifecycle

    License Management
    User Management
    Interface Overview and Management
    System Operations

Module 2: Design Lifecycle Features and Functions

Operational Roles and Features in Design Phase

    Design and Pre-deployment Engineer and Tasks
    Design Lifecycle Features

Creating Sites and Maps

    Create Sites
    Endpoint Association
    Create Maps

Cisco Prime Infrastructure Templates

    Day Zero Configuration and Guided Workflows
    Default Templates
    CLI Templates
    Wireless Templates
    Using Composite Templates

Creating Sites

    Plug and Play device deployment
    Creating Sites
    Setup Virtual Domains

Creating Maps

    Creating Maps
    Using the Mapping Features

Module 3: Deploy Lifecycle Features and Functions

Operational Roles and Features in Deployment Phase

    Deployment Engineer and Tasks
    Deploy Lifecycle Features

Deploying Device Configurations

    Create Deployment Tasks
    Schedule a Deployment
    Using the Automated Deployment Profiles

Module 4: Operate Lifecycle Features and Functions

Operational Roles and Features in Operation Phase

    Operations Workforce and Tasks
    Operate Lifecycle Features

Discovery and Management Functionalities for Network Engineers and Administrators Device Work Center Network Assurance Monitoring and Management Functionalities for Network Operations Center

    Alarms and Events
    Context Aware for location
    Clean Air

Troubleshooting and Problem Isolation Functionalities for Helpdesk and Support

    Clients and Users
    Operational Tasks
    Common Scenarios

Module 5: Report Lifecycle Features and Functions

Operational Roles and Features in Reporting Phase

    Who in the IT Workforce Needs Reports?
    Which Reports They Need?

Cisco Prime Infrastructure Reports

    Reports Dashboard
    Scheduling Reports
    Compliance Reports