IT-as-a-Service Planning and Design

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Course Details

This expert-level course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to design cloud-based IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) solutions. In this course, you will focus on business, organizational, governance, technology, and service management aspects from a design-centric perspective. By utilizing lecture, discussions, case studies, design examples, and a series of interactive problem-solving labs, you will learn to design solutions which transform business operations and virtualized data centers into ITaaS environments. The course is applicable to enterprise, service provider, and existing virtualized data center operations considering ITaaS. You will focus on core concepts, principals, and technologies rather than specific products.

Course Prerequisites

  • Five or more years of design experience in compute, network, and storage, including the design of virtualized infrastructures in support of key cloud attributes
  • Understanding of services lifecycle, cloud delivery, and service models concepts
  • Strongly recommended prerequisites: VCP, CCDA, and EMCDA certifications or equivalent knowledge and skills
  • To achieve Expert level certification, the specialist level certification (EMCCA) is a requirement.

Course Agenda

1. Transforming to IT-as-a-Service

  • It-as-a-Service Model
  • Business Transformation
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Architectural Transformation

2. Strategy: Discover and Assessment

  • Assess GRC – Security
  • Assess Current Service Management Strategies
  • Initial Financial Analysis and Business Case
    • Current CAPEX and OPEX IT Expenditures (Application or Workload View)
  • Assess Current and Potential Service Delivery
  • Rationalize Service Portfolio

3. Organization and Governance

  • Organizational Plan
  • Governance Plan

4. Planning and Design: General Considerations

  • Cloud Readiness
    • Transform VDC to ITaas
  • Analyze Current VDC Maturity to Determine Infrastructure Transformation for an ITaaS to Support/Enable the Development of Service Offerings

5. Planning and Design: Cloud Building Blocks

  • Sizing Efforts for Cloud Infrastructures
  • Calculating and Defining Requirements for Compute, Network, and Storage
  • Cloud Sizing to Support a Given Application Environment and Business Needs
  • Data Protection Requirements and Needs

6. Planning and Design: Trust and Security

  • Trust and Security Considerations for Cloud Environments
  • Security Concerns, APIs, and Practices

7. Planning and Design: Service Lifecycle

  • Service Creation
  • Provisioning and Managing Resources in a Cloud Environment
  • Service Deployment
  • Service Termination

8. Planning and Design: Cloud Application Design and Futures

  • Elements of Cloud Design
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Future Considerations for Cloud/ITaaS Environments