Deploy and Manage Citrix XenMobile Enterprise

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Location: Bangalore, India | Dubai, UAE

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Course Details

This course covers managing devices, apps, and data for customer organizations using Citrix XenMobile Enterprise. You will learn all the components required to design a XenMobile solution, install a standard deployment, troubleshoot common process mistakes, and perform maintenance tasks.

Course Prerequisites

Citrix recommends that students bring a test device to the class to fully experience the lab exercises. The device need not be wiped during the lab exercises, but it will be required to experience the device side of the exercises.

Note: A ‘test device’ will be any iOS, Android, and Windows 8 device. We have exercises for all platforms; however, most of the exercises that are device-specific are geared towards iOS or Androids. There is one exercise that can be done only with an iOS device, but that’s because only iOS has the capability to do it.

We are currently working on the lab to make it more robust, but the current version is limited to can be done within the device and also the lab.

Course Agenda

1. Introduction
2. MDM and MAM
3. AppController, Device Manager, NetScaler, and ShareFile
4. End-to-End Mobile Solutions
5. Citrix XenMobile Device Manager Installation and Configuration
6. Citrix XenMobile App Controller Installation and Configuration
7. Citrix Sharefile
8. NetScaler as it Relates to XenMobile
9. Device Management and Reporting
10. Troubleshooting
11. Using Support