Composer 9.0 Routing Applications for Multimedia

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Composer 9.0 Routing Applications for Multimedia Training

Composer 9.0 Routing Applications for Multimedia provides the knowledge and skills required for using Composer to design, create, and test interaction processes and workflows to handle interactions of various non-voice media types such as email and chat.


Course Objectives:

Create, test, and troubleshoot basic routing applications for handling non-voice interactions.

  • Use eServices Manager to build a standard response library and define screening rules.
  • Use Content Analyzer to create a model for classification.
  • Create, test, and troubleshoot routing applications that make use of Knowledge Management.

Software Version:

This course uses Genesys Composer version 9.0 and Genesys eServices 8.5.


Target Audience:

Composer 9.0 Routing Applications for Multimedia is intended for anyone with a technical role encompassing job functions involving creating and/or maintaining non-voice interaction process diagrams and workflows in Composer.

Course Prerequisites:

Composer 8.1 Routing Applications (COMR81-DEV)

eServices 8.5 Foundation (ESV85-FND)


Course Outline:

1- eServices and Composer Review
• Recall important eServices concepts
• Recall important Composer concepts

2- Planning
• Explain planning considerations
• Describe four typical stages in non-voice routing

3- eServices Routing Applications
• Create a new project for routing non-voice interactions:
• Build Interaction Process Diagrams (IPD)
• Build a Workflow
Explain and use the following Blocks:
• Media Server
• Interaction Queue
• Queue Interaction
• Route Interaction
• Send Email
• Stop Interaction

4 – Using Interaction PropertiesUse Interaction Properties:
• In Workflow Blocks
• In Interaction Queue Views

5 – Workbins
• Describe a Workbin
• Create a new Workbin
• Route to a Workbin

6 – Standard Response Library
• Explain the Standard Response Library (SRL)
• Use eServices Manager to build standard responses
• Create field codes
• Create categories
• Create standard responses
• Use standard responses in:
• An agent reply
• A Workflow

7 – Integrating External Services
• Explain the use of External Service Protocol (ESP)
• Describe using external resources (agents) to process emails
• Explain and use the following Workflow blocks:
• External Service
• Email Forward

8 – Screening
• Create Screening Rules in eServices Manager
• Explain and use the Screen Interaction block

9 – Content Analyzer
• Describe capabilities of Genesys Content Analyzer
• Create a training model
• Explain and use the Classify Interaction block