Cloud and IT-as-a-Service for Business Transformation

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Course Details

Increasingly, businesses are challenged to stay competitive, increase profits, and work more efficiently. This course shows you how to leverage cloud computing and IT-as-a-Service to help drive innovation, agility, and efficiency. You will be provided with the concepts, core elements, skills, and a strategy for developing a services-centric IT organization. The course takes a practical approach and addresses the key areas of services governance, finance, organization, and technology-all of which enable your business to achieve its goals.

Course Prerequisites

Managers who understand governance principles, corporate-finance metrics, organizational models, and IT infrastructure

Course Agenda

1. IT-Transformation – A Business Impact

  • Business – key challenges
  • Technology – leveraging cloud and ITaaS to address business challenges
  • ITaaS strategy – key focus areas

2. Governance

  • Critical elements of a services governance strategy
  • Service governance functions
  • Service governance transformation planning

3. Finance

  • Critical elements of a financial strategy
  • New functions and processes to support financial transformation
  • ITaaS financial transformation planning

4. Organization

  • Critical elements of an organizational strategy
  • New functions required in the organization
  • Communication and skills development
  • ITaaS organizational transformation planning

5. Technology

  • Critical elements of a technology strategy
  • Tools to implement a service catalog, orchestration, metering, and chargeback
  • ITaaS technology transformation planning