Finesse Operations for Cisco Contact Center (CCEFIN)

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Location: Bangalore, India | Dubai, UAE

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Finesse Operations for Cisco Contact Center (CCEFIN) Training

Finesse Operations for Cisco Contact Center (CCEFIN) Training is 3 – day course is a hands on experience that covers Cisco Finesse for both UCCX and UCCE. 

The installation and configuration of Cisco Finesse will be covered and many hands-on labs will demonstrate how to customize the desktop for agents and supervisors using the built in functions of the Cisco Finesse Administrative interface.

Beyond that in Finesse Operations for Cisco Contact Center (CCEFIN) Training you will learn and implement how to deploy and use custom 3rd party or in house gadgets to make the Cisco Finesse exactly what you need.

Basic familiarity with Contact Centers.
Target Audience:
•    Those wanting to customize the Agent and Supervisor desktop out of the box solution
•    IT support staff that need to be able to troubleshoot the Finesse Server and interfaces
•    Administrators that want to use the basic tools to customize Cisco Finesse

Course Objectives:
•    Cisco Finesse Basics
•    Basic Finesse Customization
•    Gadgets
•    The REST API
•    Troubleshooting

Course Outline:
Finesse Basics
•    What is Finesse
•    Supported OS and Browsers
•    Versions Supported
•    Components of Finesse
Finesse Architecture
•    The Finesse Server
•    The Connections to the Finesse Server
•    Finesse Client Connections
Finesse Failover
•    Failover Mechanisms
•    CTI Failure
•    AWDB Failure
•    Finesse Server Failure
•    Finesse Browser Issues
•    Finesse IP Phone Failure
Finesse Out of the Box
•    Logging into Finesse as an Agent
•    The Finesse Agent Interface
•    Logging into the Supervisor Interface
•    The Finesse Supervisor Interface
Basic Finesse Customizations
Administration Interface Tour
Phone Books
Screen Pops
Reason Codes
Wrap up Codes
Desktop Layouts
•    Adding CUIC live Data
•    Adding CUIC Gauges and Charts
•    Task Overview
•    CUIC Tasks
•    Finesse Admin Tasks
•    Web Browser Pops
•    API Actions
◦    Recording Calls
◦    Post Call Survey 3
•    Gadgets Overview
•    Cisco Sample Gadgets
•    Uploading Gadgets to the Finesse Server
•    Adding Gadgets to the Desktop Layout
Rest API
•    The Finesse REST API
•    The Finesse REST API Structure
•    Using the Finesse API from the CLI
•    Adding API Elements to a Web Site
3rd party Solutions
•    Examples of Third Party Apps
Troubleshooting Finesse
•    Troubleshooting Finesse Server
•    Collecting Trace Files
•    Finesse Errors

Lab Outline
•    Introduction to Finesse Agent And Supervisor Interfaces
•    Cisco Finesse Admin Basics
•    Layout Lab
•    Workflows
•    Loading 3rd Party Custom Gadgets
•    Using the REST API
•    Integrating Task Routing into a Web Interface
•    3rd Party Tour
•    Troubleshooting Finesse



Finesse Operations for Cisco Contact Center (CCEFIN) Training is a hands-on experience that includes Cisco Finesse for both UCCX and UCCE. The installation and setup of Cisco Finesse will be covered and a variety of hands-on workshops will demonstrate how to configure the software for agents and superiors using the built-in features of the Cisco Finesse Administrative Interface.

Why is this Finesse?

Cisco Finesse is a next generation software agent and supervisor designed to provide shared interaction for the different groups that communicate with the customer service organization. This also helps boost customer engagement by providing a user-centric interface to maximize customer service representative satisfaction.

What are the advantages of business?
Customer support time decreases as a consequence of the Cisco Finesse workspace offering a simple, personalized cockpit that helps the customer care agents to take advantage of various tools and knowledge channels to assist consumers. Apart from this,    Quick effective, reliable service results in pleased, satisfied and loyal customers who can return to business with you again.

Cisco Finesse is flexible, which simplifies the creation and deployment of value-added software and minimizes the need for extensive mobile technology skills. The Cisco Finesse approach solves this problem by developing a personalized mobile work experience utilizing a web-based gui. And it saves the running costs of your company.
Iterative approach to make changes to the desktop. Frameworks will not need to be updated at the same time, so updates are mirrored immediately on the Cisco Finesse screen.