Cisco HyperFlex Implementation and Administration (HXICA)

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Cisco HyperFlex Implementation and Administration - HXICA


Cisco HyperFlex Implementation and Administration – HXICA Training is a 3-day training program designed to provide an understanding of how Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series combines compute, storage, and networking into an easy-to-use system that brings new levels of speed and efficiency to IT.


•    Familiarity with the implementation of Cisco Data Center Storage Server/Compute and network Virtualization Infrastructure
•    Familiarity with implementing and configuring of Cisco UCS systems
•    Basic understanding of Private/Public/Hybrid Cloud infrastructure
•    Basic understanding of Data Center management and cloud automation tools

Target Audience:
This course is intended for the following people:
•    System operators
•    Technical support personnel
•    System administrators
•    Storage administrators
•    Network administrators

Course Objectives:
After you complete this course you will be able to:
•    Understand the concept of Software Defined Storage in Hyper Converged Infrastructure
•    Describe the architecture, components, features, and operation of Cisco HyperFlex Systems
•    Install, configure, manage, monitor, tune and deploy Cisco HyperFlex Systems
•    Describe the Cisco HyperFlex Systems configuration options and bundles
•    Describe the Cisco HyperFlex Systems solution competitive information
•    Describe the Cisco HyperFlex Systems Use Cases
Course Outline:
•    Module 1: Introduction to Hyperconvergence Infrastructure
•    Module 2: Cisco HyperFlex Systems Hardware and Software Architecture Cisco HyperFlex Systems Hardware components
•    Module 3: Installing and Upgrading Cisco HyperFlex Systems
•    Module 4: Cisco HyperFlex Systems Configurations
•    Module 5: Implementing Cisco HyperFlex Systems Features, High-Availability, Scalability, and Resiliency
•    Module 6: Implementing Cisco HyperFlex Systems Data Services
•    Module 7: Implementing Cisco HyperFlex Systems Management
•    Module 8: Implementing Cisco HyperFlex Systems Proactive Cloud Monitoring
•    Module 9: Cisco HyperFlex Systems Use Cases and Solutions

•    Lab 1: Setting up Virtual VMware Center server
•    Lab 2: Creating a Cisco HyperFlex Systems HX Cluster
•    Lab 3: Configuring Management Interface
•    Lab 4: Creating Datastore and Deploying VM
•    Lab 5: Managing Cisco HyperFlex Systems Datastore
•    Lab 6: Creating and Managing Ready Clones
•    Lab 7: Creating and Managing Snapshots
•    Lab 8: Monitoring and Alerts
•    Lab 9: Troubleshooting Cisco HyperFlex Systems


Cisco HyperFlex Implementation and Administration (HXICA) Training​ offers an introduction to hyper- networks and introduces the hardware and software design of Cisco HyperFlex (HX). The HX applications and solutions based on Cisco Validated Designs (CVD) are presented as well as the performance advantages of the HX platform over competing vendors. Requirements for pre-installation,