Characteristics of a Network

Characteristics of a Network When you purchase a mobile phone or a PC, the specifications list tells you the important characteristics of the device, just as specific characteristics of a network help describe its performance and structure. When you understand what each characteristic of a network means, you can better understand how the network is designed, how it performs, and which aspects you may need to adjust to meet user… Read More »Characteristics of a Network

Components of a Network

Components of a Network A network can be as simple as two PCs that are connected by a wire or as complex as several thousand devices that are connected through different types of media. The elements that form a network can be roughly divided into 3 categories: devices, media, and services. Devices are interconnected by media. Media provides the channel over which the data travels from source to destination. Services… Read More »Components of a Network

What is Computer Network

What Is a Computer Network? The term network is used in many different arenas. Examples of networks are social networks, phone networks, television networks, neural networks, and, of course, computer networks. A network is a system of connected elements that operate together. A computer network connects personal computers (PCs), printers, servers, phones, cameras, and other types of devices. A computer network connects devices in a way allowing them to exchange… Read More »What is Computer Network