Avaya Communication Server 1000 BARS/NARS

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Course Details

This course addresses the minimum programming required to implement dial plan authorization, restrictions, and digit manipulation between multiple Avaya Communication Server (CS) 1000 systems. Through demonstrations, hands-on labs, and classroom discussions, you will learn how to implement public E.164 dialing plans, private Coordinated and Uniform Dialing Plans, and commonly used BARS/NARS features. BARS and NARS provide customers flexible configuration of Avaya CS 1000-based systems over traditional analog and digital transmission mediums as well as VoIP technologies such as H.323 and SIP.

Course Agenda

1. Identify the CS 1000 Basic Alternate Route Selection (BARS) and Network Alternate Route Selection (NARS) features

2. Identify the CS1000 BARS/NARS feature packages

3. Discuss Analog and Digital PSTN networking concepts

4. Describe Private and Public dialing plans used by traditional PBXs

5. Discuss CS 1000 IP networking H.323 and SIP voice protocols

6. Discuss CS 1000 IP networking concepts, components and topologies

7. Describe CS 1000 BARS/NARS strategies when using both traditional TDM networking and IP networking

8. Configure BARS/NARS features on the CS 1000 Call server

9. Create Private and Public dialing plans between multiple CS 1000 systems

10. Test dial plan configurations by placing calls between CS 1000 systems

11. Identify, isolate and correct dialing plan configurations on the CS 1000 call server