Administration of OnCommand Management Solutions for Clustered Data ONTAP

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Course Description

Discover how OnCommand® data management software lets you automate, analyze, and realize the effective, cost-efficient storage management that you need to succeed. In this course, you learn about OnCommand Unified Manager, management software that reduces complexity by using a unified approach to storage management. In this course, you also learn about the features and benefits of OnCommand Workflow Automation.


  • Storage Fundamentals
  • Working knowledge of clustered Data ONTAP
  • Getting Started Series: Configuring and Using OnCommand Unified Manager 6.x
  • Technical Overview of OnCommand Workflow Automation
  • Introduction to Design Concepts of OnCommand Workflow Automation
  • Using OnCommand Workflow Automation to Create Workflows
  • Administration of OnCommand Management Solutions for Clustered Data ONTAP 


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Configure Unified Manager
  • Monitor the health of your storage infrastructure
  • Monitor the protection relationships and storage objects in your storage infrastructure
  • Use annotations to categorize storage objects
  • Configure thresholds, event retention settings, and alerts
  • Identify and resolve issues in your storage environment
  • Export data from Unified Manager to a comma-separated-values (CSV) file
  • Configure Workflow Automation
  • Execute built-in workflows for storage provisioning, data protection, and decommissioning
  • Schedule workflows for future execution and review their impact on resource reservation
  • Modify built-in workflows by adding approval points, by looping commands, and by adding commands
  • Configure Performance Manager
  • Use Performance Manager to monitor the performance of your storage systems